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Elegant beach party decor | Mint, coral and gold

19 Jan

My guy and I are spending a wonderful weekend in the little coastal town of Paternoster on the West Coast in Cape Town, South Africa. Check out my photography blog, www.nicolehenriques.wordpress.com as I will be writing about our weekend soon.

The little place that we are staying at, La Mer, is on the beach. The tranquility of the village with its white buildings and wide stoeps adds so much charm. My favorite place however is on our balcony, as it has a view of the ocean. Let me simply inform you that I LOVE the beach.

The image below is of our view, I took it with Instagram. Follow me @nicolehenriques if you are keen to see a glimpse into my daily life as I share images of items and events that make me happy.

La Mer | Paternoster

As I sat and watched the waves, seagulls and people interacting on the beach, I recalled this elegant beach party post that I saw on the pretty blog, these ladies are awesome. Although it was designed for adults, the decor on the table can be changed to reflect little ones characters more.

The tent:

  • Simply get a piece of white material from your local material shop. Make sure it is long and wide enough.
  • Four poles to place in the corners of your tent. Make sure they go deep into the sand so that the tent does not collapse during the party.
  • Pretty rocks or something to keep the ends from flapping.

The table:

  • Have an old door off it’s hinges? Why not paint it white and use it as a table top. 
  • Old crates, painted white too, to serve as the legs.
  • Scattered cushions as seats.

The picnic box:

  • White medium sized crate with holes drilled in for the rope handles.
  • Go green and fill with bio-degradable paper plate and cup as well as wooden cutlery. After the party it can all be disposed of in the nearest dirt bin. *Do your little bit for our environment.






Nautical theme birthday party for little girls

25 Dec

I love the ocean and I think that having a beach party is a great idea. It can be comfortable and elegant all at the same time. Since I have started blogging I have come across quite a few gorgeous beach themed events. Today I would like to share the Nautical theme for little girls with you.

Once again the fantastic HWTM was a fantastic source of inspiration. I fell in love with the navy, pink and white color theme for this party.


These are such simple ideas however the execution needs to be perfect. To help you I have added the links for you to download the sweet jar labels here. If you prefer the blanks cards click here.

Another great download is the note to let your guests know to help themselves. To download this note click here.

For a South African twist, I found these great candy labels on The Pretty Blog, designed by mstudio. To download them click here.

Trust you love these pretty finds.


Rockstar/ Popstar launch party

9 Sep

I saw this idea on HWTM and instantly LOVED it. I am sure that many parents get asked by their pre-teenage daughters or even sons to have a disco styled party. Perhaps they would like it for the 13th birthday, the official mark of becoming a teenager. Well if you are apprehensive about having a real disco style party, this one is for you.


What better way is there to show that you are a rockstar or popstar, than by having your own albumn launch party. The decor can be centered around the albumn cover. The party girl/boy could even sign these before issuing the invitations to the VIP guests.


You can have any type of food at the launch party, but keep it aligned to the theme, so whether you can print containers to match the theme or you colour coordinate it all. As long as it all ties together.


Find an area in your home that you can decorate into the disco or VIP lounge area and kit it out with a karaoke machine, which is always fun.



If you would like, you can get the kids to dress up so have props available, or get them to make their own props.

Party favours:

Once again you can have any party favours as long as it matches the theme. In the image below they used chocolate shaped as a mic. Really clever.


Adorable train party inspiration (DIY party ideas)

14 Apr

Trains, trains, trains, little boys love trains. When I saw these images I knew I had to blog about them. The ideas and colours used in this inspiration board is fantastic.


Station: All aboard

Design an invite as a train ticket. It is so well suited to introduce the theme of your party because before you board any train you need a ticket.


Station: Let’s party

White, navy blue, sky blue and red set the theme of the party. You know the saying, “less is more.” That is exactly how this party was set up. The bold colours were enough to set the scene at the table.

If you live in Cape Town, South Africa, why not have the blue train venue as the backdrop. Fits perfectly.


Station: Let’s eat

When you on a train journey, lunch or munchies are pre-packed. Do the same for each child’s place setting. It is practical and sophisticated.

  • Popcorn in a cone – take a A4 sheet in a color or pattern of your choice and make a cone. Stick it together and there you go. No mess no fuss popcorn holder.
  • Lunch in a box or bag – Find a style or design you like. Wrap it in the color of your choice and add the child’s name to the front. If you in Cape Town, Merrypak is great place to start for this and lots of other goodies.
  • Cupcakes – cake is often wasted by little ones. Cupcakes are the better option. To stick to the theme, why not source a train design cupcake holder. If you cannot find these, find a plain cupcakes holder in a colour of your choice. If in Cape Town, speak to Cynthia of Flourpower cakes and cupcakes. I have used her before and she is phenomenal.
  • Cookies – get a biscuits design in a train design and package them individually.
  • Candy station – find a corner and create a candy station. This would be a great ‘stop’ on the train journey.


Station: Where the fun never stops

To keep the children entertained on the train journey try these activities:

  • Find an image of a train on the internet. Print out enough copies and paste the sheets on cardboard. Then simply take a pair of scissors and cut out various pieces to make puzzle pieces. You can also find someone locally to make the puzzles for you. Simply present them with your image.
  • Children love to colour. Have another ‘station’ as the colouring in corner. Print various sheets of trains and add crayons to a corner. Quick and easy. The children will love it.

Party bags:

Station : End of the journey

Find a white or brown paper bag and decorate it. Add a thank you message on the front and a picture of the party child if you like.  Fill with goodies and you are good to go.

Trust you found this blog helpful. Please leave your comments.

Have fun!










Vintage Easter party inspiration (DIY party ideas)

5 Apr

With Easter this weekend, this inspiration board is a must. Styled by Julia of In Good Company, based in South Africa.


The colour palette is a pastel one: white, green and pink. I love the vintage look. A floral tablecloth and a green check runner. If you are looking for vintage decor to hire see My Pretty Vintage, based in Cape Town, South Africa.


I simply love the retro bottles.  I am sure these can be found in and around your home, simply cover the glass bottles with paper doilies and ribbon to finish off the look. Added to the table are speckled eggs and everyone’s favourite, hot-cross buns.


For fun with the little ones (big ones too), why not have a Easter egg hunt or the traditional egg and spoon race. Both are always fun.

Trust you love these images as much as I do.

Image Image





Have fun!