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Adorable train party inspiration (DIY party ideas)

14 Apr

Trains, trains, trains, little boys love trains. When I saw these images I knew I had to blog about them. The ideas and colours used in this inspiration board is fantastic.


Station: All aboard

Design an invite as a train ticket. It is so well suited to introduce the theme of your party because before you board any train you need a ticket.


Station: Let’s party

White, navy blue, sky blue and red set the theme of the party. You know the saying, “less is more.” That is exactly how this party was set up. The bold colours were enough to set the scene at the table.

If you live in Cape Town, South Africa, why not have the blue train venue as the backdrop. Fits perfectly.


Station: Let’s eat

When you on a train journey, lunch or munchies are pre-packed. Do the same for each child’s place setting. It is practical and sophisticated.

  • Popcorn in a cone – take a A4 sheet in a color or pattern of your choice and make a cone. Stick it together and there you go. No mess no fuss popcorn holder.
  • Lunch in a box or bag – Find a style or design you like. Wrap it in the color of your choice and add the child’s name to the front. If you in Cape Town, Merrypak is great place to start for this and lots of other goodies.
  • Cupcakes – cake is often wasted by little ones. Cupcakes are the better option. To stick to the theme, why not source a train design cupcake holder. If you cannot find these, find a plain cupcakes holder in a colour of your choice. If in Cape Town, speak to Cynthia of Flourpower cakes and cupcakes. I have used her before and she is phenomenal.
  • Cookies – get a biscuits design in a train design and package them individually.
  • Candy station – find a corner and create a candy station. This would be a great ‘stop’ on the train journey.


Station: Where the fun never stops

To keep the children entertained on the train journey try these activities:

  • Find an image of a train on the internet. Print out enough copies and paste the sheets on cardboard. Then simply take a pair of scissors and cut out various pieces to make puzzle pieces. You can also find someone locally to make the puzzles for you. Simply present them with your image.
  • Children love to colour. Have another ‘station’ as the colouring in corner. Print various sheets of trains and add crayons to a corner. Quick and easy. The children will love it.

Party bags:

Station : End of the journey

Find a white or brown paper bag and decorate it. Add a thank you message on the front and a picture of the party child if you like.  Fill with goodies and you are good to go.

Trust you found this blog helpful. Please leave your comments.

Have fun!